The Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme 

MMAPSS: Applications for Grants and Internships are OPEN.

Applications close 31 March 2019 


Maritime Archaeology Association of Western Australia (MAAWA) 

Shannon Reid recording underwater MMAPSS 2016-17

  • The Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS)
  • Annual grants and internships program administered by the Australian National Maritime Museum
  • You or your organisation could be eligible for a project grant of up to $15,000 or an internship grant of $3000

As well as any project areas that are a priority for your organisation, this year the MMAPSS program is also encouraging applicants to try to link their projects to our very own AMMC new travelling exhibition theme 'What Floats your Boat - Remarkable Stories of Australians and Their Vessels’, exploring the legendary relationship between Australians and their boats.  To feed into this project, the MMAPSS program is keen to get you all thinking to see what remarkable stories of Australian’s and their Boats are out there.  

So whether you have a Conservation, Collection Management or Presentation and Public Programs focused project that you are thinking of applying for funding for, can you also link it to a significant story of an Australian and their boat?  With over 36,000 kms of coastline, it’s no surprise that Australia’s history is populated with tales from the sea and maritime stories and we look forward to hearing yours and seeing how your project relates to it

Are you eligible?

If your organisation has objects or collections that contribute to an understanding of Australia, its people and developments, which have influenced its maritime history, and you need support to care for and to provide quality public access to them, you could be eligible for a project grant of up to $15,000 or an internship grant of up to $3,000.

MMAPSS has been supporting remote and regional organisations since 1995.

  • Supporting a wide variety of projects
  • Grants are also available to volunteers
  • Support is also available as in-kind or non-cash support.

MMAPSS Grants cover a wide variety of projects
Grants are now available to support a variety of project types in the areas of collection management, conservation, presentation and the development of relevant education or public programs.

Are you a volunteer? Consider an Internship.
Grants are available to volunteers or those working within eligible organisations to develop professional networks and skills.  Up to $3,000 for up to 2 weeks at the Australian National Maritime Museum or another collecting institution.  Read about one interns' experience on the ANMM Blog

Get ANMM experts to help directly
The program also delivers in-kind support.  In-kind support is non-cash support. For example: in the form of ANMM expertise providing opinion, review or on-site assistance to deliver a workshop, or to develop a policy document such as a Vessel Management Plan.

Check the Australian National Maritime Museum website for more details on how to apply.

You can APPLY ONLINE.    

If you have any questions about MMAPSS please contact the coordinator, Sharon Babbage:

The Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme is funded by the Australian Government through the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Department of Communications and the Arts.

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