Submerged: stories of Australia’s shipwrecks

The AMMC Membership and the ANMM worked together to develop content for the graphic panel display, Submerged: stories of Australia’s shipwrecks. In an innovative international first, content for the display is being developed by YOU, the AMMC Membership.


There are so many fabulous shipwreck stories out there, we look forward to reading them, featuring them in the exhibition and sharing them with visitors all over Australia. Stories were submitted to the project by 31 July 2017. We received 67 submissions from 46 organisations across Australia.


We now invite all AMMC Members to read and enjoy these stories and take part in the selection of stories for the final banner exhibition, which will tour Australia from 2018.

They are listed as blogs. To access stories refer to the Submissions page or via the AMMC homepage or the list on the left of the AMMC homepage.

To vote on stories

AMMC Members have 30 days to review and vote on stories. The voting process and criteria for evaluation are included on the AMMC website. You must be logged in to vote.

Please follow the link here to go to the voting page and read the criteria for evaluation: or via a dropdown under the ‘Submerged’ tab.

AMMC Members are invited to rank at least their top five and up to their top 11 stories. A quick link to the stories is available on the voting page. Each Member is able to vote once, so it is recommended that you read the stories first, then log in at a later date to vote.

Submitted shipwreck stories will be ranked against the project evaluation criteria.

The voting process is blind and results of votes will be disseminated to the Joint AMMC/ANMM Review Panel to aid in selection of the final 11 stories to be included in the travelling exhibition.

Any questions about Submerged: stories of Australia’s shipwrecks, please contact:  

Aiyana Wright, Shark Bay Maritime Discovery Centre,

with Submerged: stories of Australia’s shipwrecks intro banner

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