What Floats Your Boat

In 2016, the Australian Maritime Museums Council (AMMC) and the Australian National Maritime Museum partnered to create the graphic panel display, Submerged: stories of Australia’s shipwrecks.  In an innovative way, the AMMC membership developed the content for the exhibition through a series of workshops were members were introduced to the project. 

Submerged has been travelling since 2018 and will continue to tour around Australia until 2020.  So far it has attracted over 26,000 visitors in venues around the country.

Following the success of this collaboration, the AMMC and the museum have partnered once more to develop a new travelling display to tell exceptional stories of Australians and their relationship to boats through What floats your boat? Remarkable stories of Australians and their vessels.

The project will kick off this year with a workshop in Hobart on the 7th February where participants will experience writing museum text and brain storming about the future content of the exhibition. The workshops will continue around the country encouraging the creative process by engaging with members of the AMMC, maritime museums, historical societies and maritime heritage centres.  A website will be created where contributions can be submitted and a panel will then select the final stories that will feature in the touring display.

Exhibition Content

Every town holds many stories of local people and their vessels; tales of tragedy, survival, heroism, discovery, adventure or love. It is these stories that give a unique insight into the lives of individuals and their communities.

The AMMC membership will have the opportunity to supply the content for the exhibition by nominating stories that relate to a person that has an important, unusual or unexpected connection to a vessel. These narratives need to have happened in Australia, though the person or vessel need not to be Australian. Most importantly the chosen stories should be engaging and interesting.

Story Submissions

The stories will be submitted to What Floats Your Boat? Remarkable stories of Australians and their vessels and uploaded onto the AMMC website.  AMMC members will have the opportunity to take part in the selection process of the stories that will be part of the final banner exhibition.

There are many ways to participate in this project, please contact Sabina Escobar at sabina.escobar@sea.museum

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