Nationality: Australian

Vessel type: Bulk Carrier

Date lost: 10/7/1995

Cause of loss: Ran aground on reef

Number of Casualties: Nil

Discovery date: N/A

Location/water depth: Hebe Reef, Northern Tasmania

The crew weighed anchor as the pilot approached. The ship’s Master positioned the ship for the Pilot to board as strong winds and a south flowing tide drew the ship closer to the reef. By the time the Pilot had boarded the ship was too far to the south and ran aground on the eastern end of Hebe Reef.

The fuel tanks ruptured spilling 550 tonnes of heavy fuel into Bass Strait. The resulting spill spurned a massive community effort to rescue affected wildlife.

Cool fact

  • Quote: “I knew Hell was coming…” Harbour Master Charles Black
  • 2100 animals were rescued, 97% Little penguins (Eudyptula minor) of which 95% survived
  • Rescuers knitted tiny jumpers for the penguins to wear to prevent them from ingesting oil when preening feathers, and to keep the animals warm after being washed and having their natural feather oils removed in the process.
  • One third of the local penguin colonies were wiped out.

We suggest a model using a toy penguin wearing a knitted jumper be used, or better still several with different coloured designs. A table with colouring-in of a penguin wearing a jumper could be set up using the above image taken from the following teaching resource:


AMMC Member Institution

Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre

submitted by Andrew Walsh

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