A small dingy called L01was one of Braden’s first projects.
It took a lot of hard work to remove the old paint, sand, fill holes and prepare the aged and weathered
dingy. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

Date of Event: NA

Vessel type: Tuna Clipper

Location: Port Lincoln

Suggested title: One Special Book, A Small Boy And Boat


The latest comic book, or sitting staring at a screen was not enough for Braden. Once he’d discovered the book ‘Wooden Boats of South Australia’ his life changed forever. At eight Braden was diagnosed with high function Autism, and book drew him into a world of adventure; with details of every vessel, its launching, owners, engine and its demise. Braden cherished that book and found another copy, so he didn’t mark his most treasured possession.

But this 250-page book wasn’t enough! Braden joined the Tacoma crew. As part of his school curriculum Braden attended the Tacoma one day each week, acting as tour guide and producing 5 major projects culminating in an exhibition of vessels and The Jangaard Collection. Ross Haldane was his official mentor. In 2013, Braden won the Autism South Australia Recognition Award
After graduation Braden joined the fishing industry and continues his research and achievements.

Interesting anecdote

Ross “Braden was too scared to overnight on Tacoma. 
I put his toothbrush in the holder next to the bunk I’d used at his age. 
I made up my old bunk, to be always ready for him whenever that maybe. Two years later, confidence won, and Braden slept onboard”.

Here, Braden wearing protective clothing, puts the first coat of epoxy on the bare hull. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

Removing the masking tape. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

The launch, a proud moment. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

Braden rowing ‘his dingy’. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

In 2016 Braden entered the Tunarama festival parade. Claire chummed sweets from the back of the ute towing the flattie where he stood poling a model tuna. The duo were real crowd pleasers. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

After the restoration of the small dinghy, Braden tackled TT2 which is called ‘the flattie’,
seen here, ready to participate in the 2016 Tunarama parade. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

Braden Stockham with Ross Haldane, his mentor, standing in front of a small selection of Braden’s work at the Jangaard Exhibition. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.

Braden made a line drawing of every boat the Jangaard Brothers owned. Image credit - Tacoma Preservation Society.



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The dingy and Flattie belong to the Tacoma Preservation society.

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Christine Houweling


AMMC Member Institution

Tacoma Preservation Society

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