Date of Event: NA

Vessel type: NA

Location: Lake Alexandrina

Suggested title: Pioneer Women of the River Country


“Life is like a boat on the river. Calm days, windy days, rainy days and storms. Sometimes waves come over the bow. Mum has had her fair share of all of these things….Mum would say make the most of the good days, row your own boat strongly in the storms, change course if things aren’t going well.
If it’s got a hole in it, plug the bugger up and get on with it”. Julie Jones

At the age of 19 Gloria Jones moved with her fisherman husband, Henry, to Clayton Bay, Lake Alexandrina, South Australia, with just three other residents there. They established the thriving fishing and tourism operation Yabby City. Her family fished the area for over fifty years and their dedication to sustainable farming practises gained Marine Council Stewardship certification in 2008 as it became the world’s first multi species, multi method fishery to receive the coveted certificate.

Name of person submitting the story

Leah Grace


AMMC Member Institution

Alexandrina Council

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