The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV)

The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV) is the definitive online registry of historic vessels in Australia.  

A vessel is registered as historic after a rigorous process, including their relevance to Australia’s social history, and their particular significance to our maritime heritage.

The Register is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum in association with Sydney Heritage Fleet. 

Do you own a vessel with historical or social significance?  If your vessel meets the set criteria, you can apply to have it listed on the database.

NERANA crossing the finish line off Adelaide to win the Forster Cup trophy in 1953, the first of three consecutive victories.

Vessel owners with their pennants at the Hobart ARHV presentation with David Payne and Kevin Sumption (Director and CEO - ANMM).

The Australian Register of Historic Vessels was launched in 2007 in Hobart at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF) and is proud to have marked its 10th year by launching a new website at the AWBF Symposium, and highlighting the ARHV’s Tasmanian research assistant position.

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