Evaluation Criteria - What Floats Your Boat

What Floats Your Boat, Remarkable stories of Australians and their vessels

Criteria for evaluation

AMMC membership are encouraged to evaluate stories submitted to the What Floats Your Boat, remarkable stories of Australians and their vessels exhibition development project.

To submit a story, you must be a AMMC member or be affiliated with an AMMC member institution.

Your votes will be forwarded to a joint Maritime Museum Final Review Panel who will use them to assist in the selection of the top 20 stories for inclusion in the touring banner display.

You can be part of the project by nominating yourself to edit and fact check submitted stories.  Please contact Sabina Escobar at sabina.escobar@sea.museum for more details on how to participate.

Members will rank their top five stories when voting on the AMMC website considerations and evaluation criteria:

Considerations of the panel:

  • Geographic distribution of the stories. At least one for each state and territory.
  • Different vessel types and activities
  • Stories of vessels and people that are remarkable in a local context
  • Stories that illustrate different themes (tragedy, love, exploration, Indigenous, women in the industry etc.)
  • The story contains a cool fact
  • Three or more quality images that illustrates the story

Criteria for selection and evaluation for AMMC membership:

  • Is the story locally/nationally significant?
  • Is the story engaging and personal?
  • Relate to a person that has an important, unusual or unexpected connection to a vessel
  • Is the story inspiring?
  • Does the submitting organisation/member have display objects/images associated with the story?
  • Are there at least three usable images to feature in the display
  • Can the story be verified?

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